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Food design graphics analysis.

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  As one of the important elements of packaging design, graphics can convert brand elements and brand images into cartoon graphics when designing children's food packaging, which can not only satisfy children's interesting psychology, but also have a strong attraction to children. Domestic packaging design patterns are too formal, and food packaging lacks characteristics. It is difficult to win the favor of children's consumers according to children's psychological needs.

  During the packaging design, it is a common design method to design interesting graphics and patterns to create an independent visual symbol. It was found in the survey that children consumers mainly rely on intuitive and sensual understanding to choose products. For example, home is an old candy and cookie biscuits in Japan. The brand was founded in 1910 and has been popular with the public. The main design elements of the Big product packaging are two children. Among them, the little girl showed a red tongue and could feel the satisfaction of him after eating the candy. The seductive deliciousness has caused consumers to be a beautiful association for candy. Such a simple and intuitive character graphic conveys the child's own information more directly.

  Color is the most active design element in packaging, which accounts for almost 80%of the entire packaging design. Human psychology will be greatly affected by children's food packaging colors. When watching food packaging, people first receive the color information in the packaging. When the human brain nerve receives the color signal, psychological association will be generated according to the color. Packaging spokespersons are usually packaging colors. When consumers, when food and recognition products, they usually distinguish them according to the packaging color.

  Generally speaking, when people feel the low bright color, they feel tough; when people feel the color of high brightness, they will feel relatively soft. Designers can bring different food associations to consumers by matching different colors. Children are prone to color associations for colors, and children's curiosity about things comes from this. In order to attract children's attention, many packaging design on the market usually uses more bright colors to pack food, but currently rarely uses the overall color design to pack candy.

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