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Whether biodegradable plastic bags can contact food!

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  Plastic bags can also be called food bags, because most of them are used to place some food, such as fruit when shopping. Under the restrictions of relevant policies, plastic bags are also restricted. If they can meet the national standards, they can be used as commercial plastic bags. At present, people advocate biodegradable plastic bags. Here, the manufacturer of biodegradable bags will tell you whether this product can contact food.

  In fact, it is difficult for normal people to distinguish between degradable plastic bags like this one from the appearance. What is ordinary and what is degradable? Simply speaking, degradable plastic bags can be instantly disintegrated after touching microorganisms, so they will not show white pollution and will be more environmentally friendly.

  Can I have food

  From a professional point of view, it looks like this kind of degradable plastic bag, which is quite environmentally friendly, and whether such plastic bag can contact the real object depends on whether there are manufacturers with different food level standards and different quality requirements. If it is used to contact some food, you can choose a food level degradable bag. However, if the plastic bag does not reach the food level, it may cause certain pollution during use, and may even touch some heavy metals, which is also a great threat to the body. Therefore, whether the plastic bag can be contacted with food depends on the level of the plastic bag.

  From the above information, it can be seen that such biodegradable bags can contact with food, but it is recommended not to contact with food for those who do not meet the standard, which can ensure food safety and avoid some hidden dangers caused by inappropriate conditions.

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