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The source factory of packaging bags takes you to understand the three side sealing bags and the middle sealing bags

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There are many different styles of plastic packaging bags, but it can also be understood as a simplification. A three sided sealing bag is to seal the three edges of the packaging bag, and load things from the top or bottom sealing, while a middle sealing bag is to encapsulate the plastic packaging from the middle. Below, professional flexible packaging manufacturers will provide us with a specific introduction to the differences between middle sealed bags and triple sealed bags.

1. Middle sealing bag

The middle sealing bag, also known as the back sealing bag, has a wide range of applications, and is commonly used for packaging masks, cosmetics, tissues, toys, food, etc.

The packaging methods for rice, melon seeds, and tea are becoming more and more diverse. Many food products such as rice, melon seeds, and tea have smaller packaging bags, and the materials used for packaging bags are also increasing. Middle sealed bag packaging is one of the common packaging forms.

2. Trilateral sealing bag

The airtightness of the three sided sealing bag is the best, and this bag making method is generally used for vacuum bags.

Triple sealed bags require vacuum packaging in many situations, and this reason is also very diverse. Sometimes it may be to prevent food spoilage, and sometimes it is to extend the shelf life. Vacuum packaging, also known as pressure reducing packaging, primarily involves extracting all the air from the packaging bag and sealing it, ensuring that the bag remains in a highly depressurized state.

Not only that, the use of three sided sealing materials has low loss, excellent sealing function, high insulation, low oxygen and humidity permeability, moisture-proof, stain proof, radiation resistant, anti decay, strong mechanical function, bright and useful appearance, non-toxic, and odorless, meeting national standards.

The production of intermediate sealing bags and triple sealing bags is carried out using different equipment. Due to the different production processes between the two, there may be certain differences in their uses.

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