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Test standards for frozen food packaging.petco free dog food bag Manufacturing

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  Qualified products must have qualified packaging. In addition to the product detection of the product itself, the product detection must also be tested for the packaging.

  At present, the testing of freezing food packaging does not have special national standards. Industry experts are actively promoting the formulation of industry standards with frozen food manufacturers. Therefore, when purchasing packaging, freezing food manufacturers must meet the national standards for related packaging materials.

  For example:

  GB 9685-2016 "Standards for Using Food Materials and Products" stipulates the use principles of food containers and packaging materials, the variety of additives allowed, the range, maximum use amount, maximum residue or specific migration amount;

  GB/T 10004-2008 "Plastic composite membrane, pocket dry method composite, and extruded composite" stipulates the plastic composite film made of composite film, bag and dry method of paper-based and aluminum foil. , The appearance and physical indicators of the bag, and the residual solutions of the composite bags and membranes are specified;

  GB 4806.7-2016 "Food Contact for Plastic Materials and Products" specifies the utensils, packaging containers and food industry appliances based on polypropylene resin as raw materials.

  In addition, in actual operation, frozen food manufacturers will also formulate some corporate standards that meet their own situations according to actual needs, such as the quantitative requirements for forming products such as plastic tray and foam barrels.

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