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Packaging airbag inflation

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Aluminum foil bag

The principle of packaging is to use the best gas composition around the sealed packaging to maintain favorable product preservation. These gases include carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), carbon monoxide (CO), etc.

Carbon dioxide is the most important gas used to protect food in inflatable packaging. This gas is often used to inhibit the growth of microorganisms, bacteria, and molds. In inflatable packaging, its concentration should not be too low or too high: when the concentration is too low, it is not enough to inhibit the growth of bacterial mold. When the concentration is too high, it will change the taste of the food, making it sour, and also have a respiratory inhibitory effect on fruits and vegetables. In addition, if the food has a high water content, carbon dioxide gas is generally not used separately.

Nitrogen is an inert gas that cannot inhibit the breeding and growth of food microorganisms, but it is also harmless to food. Nitrogen is only used as a packaging filling agent to maintain positive pressure inside the bag, preventing air from entering the bag, relatively reducing the residual oxygen content inside the packaging, and making the soft packaging full and beautiful.

Generally speaking, oxygen is not conducive to food storage, but it is not conducive to the preservation of fresh fish, shellfish, etc. because their tissues are active, completely oxygen free or oxygen is too little, which is not conducive to their preservation. An appropriate amount of oxygen is needed to maintain the production of oxidized Myoglobin, so that fresh fish can maintain its normal inherent bright red. There is also a type of food and fresh fruits and vegetables that have a certain demand for oxygen. There must be a trace amount of oxygen to keep fruits and vegetables active through respiration, otherwise it will also accelerate their decay and fermentation rate. For processed meat and fish products and foods with high fat content, oxygen is harmful and beneficial.

Sulfur dioxide has good antibacterial and bactericidal effects, with excellent insect and mold prevention effects, especially reducing the respiratory and metabolic speed of fresh fruits and vegetables, prolonging their shelf life, and reducing vitamin loss. After sulfur dioxide is dissolved in water, it becomes weakly acidic, and the dosage of foods with high water content should be strictly controlled.

Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, almost insoluble in water, and has strong bactericidal and antibacterial properties. It is mainly used for mold prevention and disinfection of fruits and vegetables. Carbon monoxide is generally rarely used.

CO2, N2, and O2 are the three most commonly used gases in inflatable packaging, which can be used alone or mixed in the best proportion. However, it is usually determined through experiments based on the physiological characteristics of the product, possible causes of deterioration, and circulation environment. For example, using nitrogen gas in inflatable packaging of soy products, milk powder, fruit juice, etc. can prevent oxidation; The use of carbon dioxide in the inflatable packaging of bread and rice cakes can prevent mold; The use of carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the inflatable packaging of peanut kernels and almonds can prevent oxidation, moisture absorption, and fragrance loss

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