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Use more paper food packaging bags to take care of the environment.aluminum foil bag large manufacture

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Paper food packaging bags are packaged products with pulp and cardboard as their main raw materials. The original materials used in the original data and bamboo are plants that can be harvested and regenerated. Remnant. These are resources that can be cultivated and applied repeatedly. The plastic packaging bag finally consumes oil, and oil is unable to renewable resources.

Therefore, compared with plastic packaging bags, paper food packaging bags are more advantageous in resources application. They enjoy a very good ecological reputation in the market. Paper food packaging bags can not only be used repeatedly, but there are many paper food packaging bags. It is made of recycled waste paper fiber.

The abandoned paper food packaging bags can make fat, and will be synthesized into water, carbon dioxide and several inorganic objects in the sunlight, humidity and oxygen of nature in a few months. Therefore, today, the world is very concerned about the earth and the environment we live in. Compared with the three major packaging of plastic, metal, and glass, paper food packaging bags are identified as the most promising and most way out of the "green packaging". Data, which is highly respected and loved by the world.

The market advantage paper of paper food packaging bags has good elasticity and toughness, and can provide a good maintenance effect on the packaging. Paper is not affected by heating and light. For such as Ankang food and medicine, paper is a traditional packaging information, and it is particularly suitable for those products that want to get a natural sense.

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